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City Stars Dinner Event - Unlock the secret to effective networking

City Stars Dinner Event - Unlock the secret to effective networking

Posted: March 5th 2020

Welcome to the March cohort, this will be your chance to get to know your mentor for this course, international coach, author and businesswoman Christine Brown-Quinn.

Dinner is designed to provide an informal and supportive environment for you to lay the foundations for success on the programme and build new relationships with your fellow participants. You will have received your introductory questionnaire and homework, which should be completed and sent ahead of the session.

If you would like to join the programme, please contact [email protected] to reserve your place.

The City Stars Programme has been designed by City Hive CEO Bev Shah and Christine Brown-Quinn, a former Managing Director in International Finance, now an author, speaker and consultant helping women to develop business strategies so they can thrive in their careers. Well versed in what it takes to forge a thriving career in highly pressurised, alpha environments, Christine is known as The Female Capitalist.

At the beginning of their career, when delivery andcompletion of tasks are paramount, women often excel. By mid-career, however,they can experience a slow-down inthe rate of pay and promotion, which cannot be simply explained away bymaternity leave or a system based purely on meritocracy. So what is happeninghere?

First and foremost you have to take full ownership of your careerso that you can shape it in a way that keeps you fully engaged and aligned to achanging competitive environment. There is an easy way to go about this - withoutadding more hours to an already long day - but it does require a fresh approachand a new way of thinking.

While hard skills are perhaps more obvious and achievable, the softskills critical to career progression are often overlooked. The City Stars programme, therefore, addressesthe issue of career ownership and strategic positioning as well as the criticalsoft sills to move a promising career forward.

City Stars equips midcareer women with:

A greater awareness of their personal talent and potential (aligned strategically to the business)

An increased sense of ownership of their career now and in the future

A solid foundation of skills and strategies to navigate the complexity of business and organisational life

A support network of like-minded women working in the same industry

A clear endorsement from their companys management that they matter to the success of the organisation

The first session will lay the groundwork for success, covering:
  • How to grow your network in natural way
  • Why its critical for others to know who you are and what direction you want to go in
  • How to initiate conversations in intimidating situations
  • What actions and behaviours distinguish you from the crowd
  • The biggest myth about networking

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