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FREE Webinar on how to thrive in a virtual world.

FREE Webinar on how to thrive in a virtual world.

Posted: May 19th 2020

The18th to 24th May marks Mental Health Awareness week and thereis no doubt that the current pandemic crisis has placed immense pressure on everyonesmental health.

The impromptu move to work fromhome has created great strain on people as they are having to adapt quickly whilealso facing the emotional up and down of the COVID-coaster. The pressureto deliver and work successfully from home whilst trying to strike the rightwork-life balance is easier said than done.

So, the team at City Hive wouldlike to offer some support to people in the Investment Management industry througha webinar looking at How to Thrive in a Virtual World. In this free interactive webinar, you willlearn how to thrive and not just survive in the virtual world.

The webinar will be led byChristine Brown-Quinn, who will teach you:

How to fosterthe important relationships you need to be successful (without ever meeting upin person)

Commonly heldbeliefs about virtual working, which are simply not true

How toovercome the key challenges inherent in this emergent environment

Top tips torunning an eective virtual meeting

Simple yetpowerful strategies to enable you to progress your career virtually

Places are limited and will be ona first come first serve basis so register quickly.

A little about Christine:

Christine Brown-Quinn is a formerManaging Director in International Finance, now an author, speaker andconsultant helping aspiring professionals globally to develop businessstrategies so they can thrive in their careers (the stuff they don't teach youin business school!). Following 30+ years in the corporate world, she is wellversed in what it takes to forge a thriving career in highly pressurised, alphaenvironments, Christine is known as The Female Capitalist. Shes been on a mission to bust the myth thata rewarding career and a fulfilling personal life must be at loggerheads.

She is author of Step Aside SuperWoman - Career & Family is for Any Woman (2010) and Unlock Your CareerSuccess - Knowing the Unwritten Rules Changes Everything (2020), an Amazon #1Best Seller in Business & Finance.

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