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Whether you would like to become a corporate member, access our professional development, organise a joint event or have us speak at one of yours, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch via email at [email protected] and request a corporate brochure.

City Hive is a for-profit business with sustainable purpose, which enables us to be independent and focused on our goals for changing the investment management industry. It aligns with our view that diversity and culture change strategic business issues that need resourced and the highest levels of accountability. We support and collaborate with charitable initiatives and not-for-profit organisations.


Men can apply to be mentors alongside women, as we want to ensure we make the most of the expertise available. All our cohorts in this particular scheme will be women but can come from any job function. While the focus of the relationship is the mentee and her progress, being a mentor will be a great opportunity to listen, understand and expand your own perspectives As the workplace is changing, and the day to-day concerns of younger staff need to filter upwards all the way to the Boardroom, the time invested will reap rewards for you and your entire organisation.

Any job function is welcome to participate in the scheme. We need role models at all levels and across all business functions.

The scheme runs for 9-12 months, although pairs are welcome to continue with the relationship if mutually agreed.

Sponsor companies are guaranteed a match for one mentor and one mentee, and able to add additional participants at fixed cost. There is no limit on applications, but not everyone will be matched in the cohort. We will provide other types of support to the unmatched candidates to reward their interest in professional and personal development.

City Hive are proud to have a network of excellent mentor candidates, and will also draw upon the shortlisted Mentor of the Year candidates from the current and previous years of the Women in Investment Awards. Applications are open to mentors, and we encourage nominations for mentors from excellent colleagues that may be less aware of everything they have to offer. The biggest obstacle will be funding everyone who wants to participate, based on the interest that we have gauged.

Yes – mentors will also benefit when they share their expertise, particularly through listening and learning about the mentee's experience. This scheme is designed to improve skills and performance across the industry, which benefits everyone

Cross-company schemes offer different perspectives to mentees and the opportunity for cross-fertilisation of ideas. They also provide opportunities for smaller organisations to participate and develop their female talent

There are a number of internal and cross-industry schemes in play, however, we have found the level of interest indicating that not enough people are being served.

Our unique approach is that the mentoring will be specific to the industry, but with the benefit of being across that industry, so the expertise you get is both wide-ranging and relevant. Our funding model means that applications are open to anyone, including those in firms that are too small to run their own scheme, and for those who want to improve but may not be on the leadership track.

We use a personal matching service rather than algorithms. We emphasise the importance of well briefed mentors that are able to provide the right level of support to the mentees. Because mentors are outside of the firm, there is freedom to have frank conversations. Because the application process is independent, it offers an alternative route to development to those that might feel more intimidated by one funded by their company.

We have had interest from firms of varying size, from both UK and international bases, and from a variety of different job roles.

It's unlikely to be the reason someone moves job roles – that has more to do with their existing situation. Investing in people is a way to support career needs; denying an ambitious woman the opportunity to gain valuable career experience won’t reduce the risk. Will we be at risk of breaching rules around confidential information? No more than any other meeting or conversation between two industry professionals. Everyone knows the rules, and all pairs will be reminded of their obligations at the outset.